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      LaMoure County is located in southeast North Dakota.  LaMoure, Verona, Berlin, Edgeley, Kulm, Jud, Dickey, and Marion are the cities within the county and the county seat is LaMoure.  Unincorporated cities are Alfred, Nortonville, Adrian, and Grand Rapids.  There are 32 organized townships. The county was created in 1873 and later organized in 1881.  The county seat was originally in Grand Rapids and then moved to LaMoure.  The courthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places.

      The North Dakota Risk Assessment Map Service (NDRAM) allows residents to visually display current flood risks, water surface elevations, and more information that can be used for planning, mitigation, and disaster recovery actions. 

      NDResponse has gathered a number of resources for North Dakota residents for topics such as flooding, agricultural relief, public alerts and more.


      Find out where the LaMoure County Highway Department has been to clear the snow - Snow Plow Path

      PO Box 128, 202 4th Ave NE, LaMoure, ND 58458

      Due to the amount of snow in 2020, the south sidewalk may be snow covered.  Please enter the courthouse from the east parking lot.

      Courthouse Hours:

      8:30 a.m. - 12:00 Noon and
      1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

      Auditor - (701) 883-6040

      Clerk of Court - (701) 883-6050

      Court Recorder - (701) 883-5193

      Emergency Management & 911 Coordinator- (701) 883-6096

      Extension Services- (701) 883-6080

      Highway Department - (701) 883-5131

      Public Health - (701) 883-5356

      Recorder - (701) 883-6070

      Sheriff  - (701) 883-5720

      Social Services -(701) 883-6060

      State's Attorney - (701) 883-5418

      Tax Equalization  - (701) 883-6021

      Treasurer - (701) 883-6090

      Veteran Affairs - (701) 883-6055

      Emergency AlertOr the offices can be reached by dialing (701) 883-5301 and listen to all the instructions to find the correct office.

      Remember to sign up your Cell Phone for Emergency Alerts for YOUR LaMoure County Location.

      Buckle UP and Make sure to use Car Seats Correctly
      Posted on 02-04-2020

      LaMoure County Public Flood Information Meeting
      Posted on 02-04-2020

      Job Openings - Deputy Sheriff positions
      Posted on 02-01-2020

      Advisory: Unstable and Hazardous Ice Conditions on the James River
      Posted on 12-31-2019

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      Leadership Awareness Weekend
      02-15-2020 to 02-17-2020

      Courthouse Closed (President’s Day)

      County Commission Meeting

      LaMoure County Public Flood Information Meeting

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